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hijong park
great asteroids shooter with lots of variety contents.
but one thing i don't like is that my ship has a mouse-aimed turret which is very odd for a space ship. in the trailer the ship fires bullet on its direction like asteroids and i expected the same thing in the game. can you add a option for disabling that turret ?
Hi Hijong,

Thanks for your feedback! Disabling the turret is an interesting request (would make the game harder) but yes I think I could provide an option for that.
10:48pm 18th Mar 2017
I really love this game. The effort you took to make it is very noticeable. The variety of enemies makes this game a joy to play, and I like how you added allies to it. Most of the games have the player battle it out all by themselves. I disagree with the idea of making it be for sale, although I do agree that you should gain money out of this work. I would suggest using Patreon or some donation type site. That way people can donate to help you make improvements without necessarily having to pay for the game. All in all, very awesome, keep up the good work and thanks
Hey Obed,

Thanks for your comments! Glad you like the game. I'll look into Patreon, cheers for the tip :)
1:40am 31st Jan 2016
For joy stick support just download joytokey. It can turn your joystick commands into keystrokes.
Hey Frank,

Great tip, that sounds excellent, I'll look into it.
1:50am 6th Oct 2015
I am about to play your game again since it has been a few years since I played it. I think you should have released this game on steam or something. I would have paid for it. Anyways great game. I will be back with a new review since I think you have added more items since my last run through.


Great to hear from you again! I think there will be a fair amount of new stuff for you to test and I keenly look forward to your review :)
1:48am 6th Oct 2015
Great work and I really enjoyed the game! (and I want to thank you for the graphic option) I went through stage1-11 in normal twice, and I have a point I'd like to suggest you;

-I think the full customized firepower of the 'Primary shot' is too low. The 'Squads' and 'Missiles' are great, only the primary shot takes too much time to make enough kills. Maybe it's because the 'unstable-bolts' are too weak; it should deal more damage and have higher chances (60% in level3). Or maybe it's because the 'phased-bolts' does not increase damage, good to kill small guys but bad to kill large ships; so it takes too much time to blow up enemies with both heavy shields & armor.

I know by using 5 'dimensional-ghost' copies you gain 6 times of firepower, but you can also use missiles at the same time anyway, and most the shots does not hit when the target has turrets on in it. You have to destroy the turrets first. Don't forget you need 13 extra points to get the 'dimensional-ghost' !

Hope this feedback helps.
Hi Defo,

Thanks for your feedback and comments! Certainly food for thought. The balance of blaster firepower vs other means of causing damage is tricky for sure. I have to be careful not to make blasters too good, because they are the only 'unlimited' resource. Wingmates can perish (though they will come back in time), you can run out of missiles, or use up all your Chunk-Time.

Phased bolts may be better than you think because you can destroy an enemy's hull without necessarily having taken down all of his shields. You can also take out turrets much sooner. Dimensional ghost is probably most effective vs large capital ships or clusters of enemies.

Thanks again!
4:31am 19th May 2015
Allan Booth
On behalf of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) I am conducting a survey of games development companies on their current development and employment status and knowledge and interaction with the Games Development Association of Australia (GDAA).

The objective of the GDAA is to advance the interests of games developers in Australia and the AIE is seeking to strengthen the association and promote membership.

I would appreciate your response to the following questions:

- contact details (Senior Executive, email, mob. and address)
- estimated number of staff FTE
- have you heard of the GDAA
- had contact with the GDAA in last 12 months
- had contact with the GDAA in last 5 years
- is the GDAA doing a good job in helping to promote or assist the Australian games industry
- are you interested in joining the GDAA ?
- are you interested in serving on its board as a state representative.

Please contact me on Mob. 0414525778 if you need further information.

Your prompt response would be appreciated.


Academy of Interactive Entertainment
Allan Booth
New Projects Executive
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Hi Allen,

Thanks for your interest. I've responded directly via email.
11:37am 5th May 2015
Is there any chance for joystick support? I feel that this would be much better than WSAD. Joystick for movement, mouse for weapon.
Hi Ezo,

Unfortunately at this stage I won't be adding joystick support.
11:10pm 10th Feb 2015
Fortunally for me, the ZIP work fine :)
There are certainly a glitch in CHUNK file ;)

Thi beta99 is just very cool, and gfx an music' just terrific :)

What is your dev tools ?
thx !

Hey Vinz,

Thanks! Glad you like it :) My dev tools are Visual C++ for coding, photoshop for graphics, beatcraft + ACID pro for music. My game also utilises the HGE graphics engine and Bass audio engine.
11:49pm 14th Aug 2014
Argh. :)
You game is awesome.
Juste a note : After passing the Winsdows Installer, I got the following error, juste after startup loading step :
'Unable to load texture : boss-bladestar.png'
Here is the log :

HGE Started..

HGE version: 1.80
Date: 14.08.2014, 17:52:03

Application: Space Chunks II
OS: Windows 6.1.7601
Memory: 4194303K total, 4194303K free

D3D Driver: nvd3dum.dll
Description: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
Mode: 1680 x 1050 x X8R8G8B8

Sound Device: Haut-parleurs (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Sample rate: 44100

Init done.

Can't load resource: boss-bladestar.png

The End.

Hi Vinz,

Thanks for the feedback. I've downloaded and tested the installer myself and it works fine. I've also had hundreds of others download the installer with no problems. I think what might have happened is that your download didn't complete properly and was corrupted. However the installer file does work :) I appreciate you letting me know in any case.
11:44pm 14th Aug 2014
Fabolus game, I already recomended it to my friends, any chance to see Space Chunks 3 one day ?

I would love to see Space Chuncks 3 with 2 player option or even 1 to 8 (hostile on cooperative mode, maybee one player could choose the Chunks Lord ships) players, or maybe at the feature to this version and call it Space Chunks 2.5.
Hi Vicktor,

Glad you like it, and yes there is most definitely a Space Chunks 3 in the pipeline (might take a while though).

I like your idea about being able to choose the Chunk Lords to play... :)
7:24am 30th Jul 2014
Hi George,

Awesome game! It's robbed me of quite a few hours.

Here's a few suggestions:

1. The lives system doesn't work well with the current saving system. Lives are carried over from level to level, but your progress is saved automatically in one slot (old saves are automatically overwritten as you progress).

This means that if your lives are running down as you advance, you reach a point where you stuck trying to pass a high level with, say, just one life. You can't go back - the only way to improve your situation is to start a whole new game. Obviously, that's a pain.

I don't really see the need for lives to be carried over from level to level, anyway. That kind of system better suits games where the objective is to obtain a high score (e.g. asteroids), not progress through levels. Have you considered just giving the player a set number of lives to pass each level?

2. The saving system works well in the lower levels but not in the later levels. A lower level might take ten minutes to complete. If the player dies on the boss, the punishment is having to repeat ten minutes of battle. The latter levels can take 40 minutes just to get up to the boss. If the player then dies, the punishment - having to repeat the last 40 minutes - is quite excessive. At that point, I think the player would sooner shut off the game than retry the level.

3. The double-tap/double-click input method isn't working well when the frame rate slows down. This is mainly a problem in level 11, where there are more than a hundred ships flying at once (stressing the system) and the only way to survive is to use boost all the time. It's a pain dying just because the game doesn't recognise an input command. That said, I'm not sure how you can address this if you're input sampling is tied to the frame rate.

4. A skirmish/sandbox mode. Playing through the missions is fun, but there's not much flexibility or replay value there. The game seems suited to a mode that allows the pl
Hi Jack,

Thanks for your excellent feedback. I've actually responded to you directly via email. If you don't receive that or have any other queries feel free to leave another message, or a note on the facebook page, or you can email direct to
10:22pm 22nd Jul 2014
Please Put lan mode
Hi Ace,

Unfortunately LAN mode is not something that's going to be added at this stage.
1:43am 9th May 2014
thank you hope you can put up with lan mode soon
Hi Flavio,

I'm sorry to say that LAN mode probably won't make it into the game.
6:49am 23rd Apr 2014
I liked the version 0.98 in the future may put a version online or lan?
Hi Flavio,

Version 0.99 is out now and has quite a few significant changes from 0.98. However there is still no multi-player unfortunately.
10:58pm 15th Jan 2014
Before I noticed a new version was out, I almost certainly played v0.98 beta and that ran without any problems, so...yes :)
Cheers M, although I can't think of anything change from 0.98 -> 0.99 that would cause this, I'll have a look into it.
11:47pm 22nd Dec 2013
Hi with the last version I have some serious lags in level 11 with like 100 fighters shooting at me...somehow it drops my GPU usage. I'm running it on Core i5 3,4 GHz and nVidia GTX560 Ti and everywhere else it's nicely smooth on fullHD.
Hmm, that setup should easily be able to handle the game. Is this something you've noticed in v0.99 which wasn't happening in v0.98?
3:50am 13th Nov 2013
You should put this game up on steam.

your's sincerely The Three Gremlins
Perhaps I will ;)
10:51am 28th Jul 2013
More levels please ! Unbelievable how you made so a fast game with so many objects at the same time. Very nice grafix and gameplay too.
Works on my Pentium 4 / 3 Ghz good in lower screen resolution.
Very big respect !
Thanks Sixtron!

Still working on more levels, more ships, more upgrades, etc. Slowly getting there :)
7:12pm 27th May 2013
Amazing game. I'm thinking of doing a review/interview about the game to post on my blog. Would you be interested in getting some promotion for it?

Also, will it be updated again/any new game ideas or is this your baby for now?
Hey Eric,

Very interested! If you post another message and enter your email I can contact you directly. Don't worry the email address isn't made public. Or you can message me on my facebook page.

The game is still under development and I almost have a new version ready. I'm always interested in new ideas and would love to hear your thoughts :)
1:18pm 23rd Jan 2013
Hi I absolutly fall in love with this game! There will be an endless survival mode?
Hi Mike,

Glad you like the game! A survival mode is a good idea, I might put that into the next version.
8:44pm 10th Dec 2012
Hey, I've played the first Space Chunks and I loved it, and I was wondering if you were ever going to port the games to Mac... I haven't played Space Chunks I in 5 years, but I have a Mac now and can't play one of my most favorite games of all time.
Hey Joey,

Unfortunately I am unable to make a mac port due to the windows based graphics and sound libraries I have used.

However I have heard of people successfully running Space Chunks using Wine, a windows emulator for linux. Wine also works for mac, so this may be the way :)

Try going to :

Hope this helps. I'd love to hear how you go.
1:15am 1st Sep 2012
hey mate thanks for the awesome game, i've been playing on easy after my attempt at normal being terrible and well i don't think i can stop because i finished level 11 and i'm back to 1. the problem is everything is still as weak as it was before.

i absolutely love buffing up my wingmates, they're the only thing that got me through level 11 lol that is freakin insane! one problem on that level is i didn't see any drops from enemies... or anywhere for that matter.

the one boss that was a real let down was the overmind on 10, by that time i had every wingmate upgrade and they smashed him to chunks in less than a minute! he didn't attack at all!

all in all the game is so fun, i'll see if i can get 1 million before i decide to kill myself huh? :-)
Hey Micky,

Thanks for the feedback and good to hear you're enjoying the game!

The game is still in development, and although it's 95% there some things are still not complete. The level 10 boss is one example - he's essentially just a place-holder and as you've noticed does not even attack. That will definitely change - he should be the toughest boss in the game. Level 11 was kind of an experimental bonus level, and I actually thought it was impossible! Didn't realise that many people including yourself would be able to finish it. Afterwards it just wraps to the same same levels over again - but this is another thing that will definitely change in the final version.
6:39pm 26th Mar 2012
the heat
very nice game. I'm really enjoying it. I love, love all the power-ups.
I see in some of your earlier comments that there will be significant changes to the upgrades. Still, I thought I'd leave my thoughts. At the higher tiers each path is really powerful. Maxing out all the missile abilities is lethal. But so is maxing out all the blaster abilities. That lets you just cut through the enemies. So is maxing out the fighter abilities. So, while some abilities are extremely powerful, I don't feel like any of them is particularly over-powered relative to the others.
I did find blaster upgrades a bit boring, though. I was pretty excited about them, but they're all (except turret) just ways of increasing damage. Which is fine, I guess, but it would be nice if there were at least a cosmetic difference with the upgrades so that it seems like you're getting a cool new gun.

Potential bugs: One star of assimilator didn't seem to do anything. Two stars, on the other hand let me construct an army of about fifteen small enemy ships.There didn't seem to be a unit cap. Then, three stars seemed to be acting a bit funny. It didn't consistently assimilate medium sized enemies (as far as I could tell). Sometimes they would turn invisible and little 'health' icons would appear around them and they'd refuse to be assimilated.

Also, I'm not sure if mine-defense is working properly at one star. A beam went out, but if I flew too near the mind, it still blew up. It didn't seem to deactivate it for any time at all, or maybe only half a second.

Anyway, great work!!
Hello Heat,

Thank you for your comments!

The different upgrade paths are certainly meant to be powerful, but still roughly equivalent to each other. I'm sure that some suit certain play styles more than others, but I'm very glad to hear you feel it is reasonably balanced, as that certainly is the intention!

With regards to blaster upgrades being boring, I agree completely! That is why in the upcoming version I have implemented new weapon types, both to look interesting and play differently.

You have certainly located a bug with the assimilator, thanks. It will be fixed. The stealth ships are very hard to assimilate, as when they begin to cloak it cancels the assimilation process. A one star assimilator will only work on the very smallest enemy ships.

The first tier of mine-defense will only disable the mine for 6 seconds. After that the mine will become active again and if you are within it's trigger radius, explode as usual.

As always, I appreciate the in-depth feedback :)

5:51pm 1st Dec 2011
Hi, first of all thanks for the great game, as a dev myself, I can see all the work and ideas behind this and the result rocks. Now some points:

- why not add an option to view high scores on any other ocassion than death? I've got saved game on lvl 55 and I don't want to waste my score just to view how others are doing...
- the bosses are imbalanced, IMO... the summoner first time around is almost guaranteed to kill you, while the level 10 boss is a joke. Level 11 boss is just long and tiresome shooting back and forth, it could use some more action than standing on spot and firing away at it.
- playing second time around (and third and fourth and so on) is a piece of cake - there could be a difficulty increase and also something to reward you, like unique skills etc :)
- after roughly player level 35, it's becoming way too hard to get more skill points (one playthrough only nets about 2-3 points)
-skills of the same tier are very imbalanced. After upgrading all rocket skills, there isn't much use of getting anything else (save for the level 11... as you can imagine :) )

Still a pretty damn good game, I'd be even happy to help improve it if I knew a way. Feel free to mail me.
Hey Honz,

Firstly, thanks for the in depth feedback!

There is actually a way to view high scores already, and that is simply to go to: (this link is available from the main SC2 home page also).

The level 10 boss is simply a placeholder at the moment, as you've no doubt noticed, he doesn't even attack! Have no fear, he will most certainly become a seriously challenging boss when I'm finished with him :)

Level 11, believe it or not, was actually intended to be impossible! I can't believe the number of people that have made it past this stage (even multiple times). I will certainly try to come up with something more imaginative for the final version of the game.

As mentioned above, I didn't expect people to make it past Stage 11, so that's why the difficulty isn't tweaked for subsequent playthroughs - but don't worry, it certainly will be.

Also the upgrade system in general is being given an overhaul and so is the acquisition of levels/upgrade points. While it will gradually become slower, it won't ever cap out or become excessively tedious to gain higher levels.

Thanks again for all your input, I will also send you an email!
4:59am 1st Dec 2011
Also another potential bug - the heavy fighter upgrade overlaps with the frigate upgrade. So when you have the heavy fighter escort upgrade it maxes at four fighters. If you also buy max frigate you get 3 heavy fighters, the frigate, and 2 small fighters. So perhaps the fighters being converted to frigate should come from the end of the fighter list instead of the beginning? Otherwise if you bought one heavy fighter it would be completely wasted.
Again, well spotted. I trust you'll be pleased to hear that the upgrades are being significantly reworked for the next version, and this overlap of gunships and frigates will no longer occur. Thanks Bankshot!
8:28am 29th Nov 2011
Great game! One bug I found - If you have the assimilate ability the Monstrosity boss bugs out. Your mind control ray takes over pieces of the tentacles, then the base itself vanishes and the tentacles spread out over a wide area. Assimilate also will take over some of the early stage bosses if you wrap around, resulting in a trivial fight and no bonuses for winning since the boss is now on your side.

Also with regards to the difficulty factor - the monstrosity is way more difficult than the following bosses. I'd recommend bumping it back to wave 9.
Ha ha! Very nicely found bug, Bankshot :) I just checked it out myself and the results were indeed unpredictable and hilarious. This will definitely be fixed in the next version, thanks for that.

Currently the final boss (The Overmind) in Stage 10 is just a placeholder. You may have noticed he doesn't actually attack, and has very few hit points. But trust me, he will ultimately be a very nasty boss. So the Monstrosity at Stage 9, as hard as he is, will no longer be the greatest challenge :)
8:23am 29th Nov 2011
*Addictive* So well accomplished! I really congratulate you for this game. I've enjoyed (and will keep enjoying it) a lot.

Feedback... feedback... let me see:

- Cooperative play, in some way, would be so incredible awesome that the game would make it to the Moon.

- The Bonus Selection... .There is much to balance, and some powers just lose relevance on the final stages of the game, IMHO.

- You should make money with this, or if you want not, open it up a bit so there could be fan made mods/add ons. I'm thinking of textures, enemies, missions here.

Well, cheers and thanks again.-

Cheers JMO, thanks for your feedback!

The bonuses and upgrades are being reworked significantly and will hopefully address the balance issues you mention.

Co-op play would be awesome I agree, just not sure if it can be done with the current engine and setup, it was built from the ground up as single player only.

I am considering making this a steam game once it gets to a decent level of polish and finish! Glad to hear you think this is doable.

Thanks again :)
7:53am 29th Nov 2011
Great game! I love the interface, and gameplay mechanics. The bosses are great, and the atmosphere is awe striking!
Thank you Anthony, glad you like it :)
6:29am 27th Nov 2011
You should have a mailing list for notification of new versions. I can't wait to see how you improve this already great game!
Cheers Mike, as it happens I have a facebook page for Crunchy Frog where I will make announcements about development and new versions (the link is on the main SC2 page). Also the current version of SC2 will tell you if there is a new version available when you run the game :)
11:14pm 17th Nov 2011
I guess they aren't 'completely' helpless, but they are boring to fight IMO. Tractor beams are so annoying that I take the immunity perk ASAP ;) Not a criticism, but they make these huge unarmed ships even more of a pushover.

Favorite bosses: The blade guy and the many arms guy. Though the many arms guy respawned an arm as soon as it was destroyed which was annoying. Actually, all spawning ships seemed to respawn their minions as soon as they were destroyed.

All of the quotes are great! They add some real personality to the ships.

Thanks for all your hard work! I hope you charge money for this when you are done!
Hi Mike,

Agreed 100% - we don't want boring bits! Your comments have inspired me to think of something suitably interesting to happen once a ship loses all its turrets.

Regarding the respawn of ships/tentacles - it is not actually intended to be instant but due to the mechanics it sometimes works out that way. I have now thought of a way to improve this.

Your feedback is valuable and helps me to make a better game, thanks again :)
3:27am 17th Nov 2011
Awesome game! Only thing I can't figure out is why it's free ;)

Issues with the game:

At the end it wraps around to the beginning, but it doesn't seem to be any harder the second time around. Maybe just end the game instead or make it harder somehow? Also the tool tips start to display again on second play thru.

Super large ship shields seemed to lag my computer when they were hit too many times. When the shields went down everything was fine again. Only happened once I had Dimensional Ghosts.

Some ships take too long to destroy once all of their guns are blown up, just shooting at a helpless enemy for 30 seconds isn't fun.

Overmind just seemed to explode... :( Was the idea that it turned you against your own kind?

What does 'Blah Blah' do?
Hey Mike,

The game is still in beta so are some unfinished elements. The end-game wraparound is one example. You're quite right it should get harder and it will. I also have some other surprises planned.

The tips can be turned off either in options, or when you see a tooltip on screen simply uncheck the "Show tips".

I'll definitely look into the lag issue.

With regards to shooting a helpless enemy, you'll find that almost all ships can lay mines, use a tractor beam or deploy more fighters, so technically they're not completely helpless even with their turrets removed.

The overmind is most certainly unfinished, he is intended to be one of the most challenging bosses of the game.

'Blah Blah' is a placeholder for an upgrade that I haven't thought of yet :) The entire upgrade system is having a bit of a revamp anyway, you'll see in the next version.

Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback!
1:38am 16th Nov 2011
Looks very promising! Any thoughts of bringing it to Mac?
Unfortunately no, the graphics engine I'm using has no Mac version. However I've heard some people have succesfully run this game under WINE for linux. This may mean it could work on a mac running a Windows emulator?
12:14am 16th Nov 2011
As im space sim genre lover i would say this game is prety good,also there could be some system updgrades, but to sum up its great game to pass time in booring days :)
Cheers Pixelspore! As it happens, new upgrades are on the way... :)
5:37am 10th Nov 2011
Very nice game.
It could need some more levels, but otherwise its really cool.
Thanks BossB, agreed, new levels are under development :)
6:55pm 5th Oct 2011
Awesome game!
Your high scores are even more awesome!
5:18am 18th Sep 2011
Awesome, very fun, addictive.
Add more enemy types, it will be cool.
Cheers too-izzy, I agree and more enemy types on are the drawing board.
10:12pm 17th Jan 2011
Great game.
Thanks for making it (and for free too!)
Over a MILLION on hard??? Unpossible! :)
8:04am 2nd Jan 2011
Fun game. Any chance of 'Robotron' type controls like Geometry Wars, Beat Hazard, etc?
Hi Turkey, the controls are being tweaked but will essentially remain asteroids style thrust/rotate.
4:00pm 20th Dec 2010
This is an awesome game that I can recommend to anyone.

I like the way the game has a combination of upgrades and strategy but still lets you blow things up.
Thanks LB :)
8:58am 7th Dec 2010
much appreciated.
Your work was not for nothing.
Thank you Someone, your comment is also appreciated :)
7:37am 7th Dec 2010
Zytac Jones
Dear Scott,

saving is only allowed during powerup selection screen after each stage.

Best regards & happy hunting,
Cheers ZJ,

Quite right, but you'll be pleased to know in the current version saving is now automatic. And there are no limits on how many savegames you can have.
3:09am 6th Dec 2010
Pretty fun game.

Easy to play
Pretty addictive
Bosses and Power ups are cool.

Controls are a bit hard to get used to... I guess it cause I'm used to Super Stardust Controls on the PS3.

It wouldn't let me save =(
Scott, the controls have been modified quite a bit recently, I think you'll find the ship is much more responsive. Also now saving will occur automatically.
3:22pm 29th Nov 2010
Zytac Jones
- cool game for 'short game session'
- becomes addictive fast ;-)
- easy learning curve
- nice power-up features
- different enemies need different tactics - great!

- small footprint
- runs smoothly without crashes on Pentium-M 1 GHz (notebook)

wish list:
- portable version?
- smaller asteroid fragments of enemy stations should also contain goodies (making it more wothful shooting them..)

Many thanks for this great game!

You're very welcome. I agree that the warchunks should drop goodies and in the current version they do! :)
12:07am 29th Nov 2010
1st impressions, I really like the clean/unfussy nature of this - a quick install, game loads quickly, menu/option selection are swift and responsive.

Video/desktop mode handling is refreshingly simple. There's a lot of detail and work put into the action/effects. The gfx are rich. The soundFx are good though the hi-energy 'metal' themed music got a bit too much quite quickly.

Excellent, and a great advert for HGE.
Thank you Stu!

I'll look into putting a bit more variety into the music.
6:12pm 8th Oct 2010
Frank Griffin
I am amazed that this thing is free.
I really like the game.

My main gripe would be that a missle usually kills you in 1 hit even with near perfect health.
Cheers Frank!

I agree about the missiles, in the current version you'll find they don't hit so hard, and your ship is tougher!
12:27pm 4th Oct 2010
i like this game , keep up the great work
Thanks virtual!
5:57pm 30th Sep 2010
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