Space Chunks is a fast-paced, action-packed classic arcade style game made by George Thornton. Packed to the brim with gorgeously glorious graphics and shudderingly superb sound, your enjoyment is assured!

Best of all, this game is completely FREE! Download it, share it with your friends and family. Space Chunks for everyone!
Download iconDOWNLOAD 14.3MB windows installer.
  • Use blasters and torpedoes to obliterate obstacles and enemies! Use your shields, engines and wits to defend yourself!
  • More than just asteroids! War-chunks have automated gun turrets to fire at you, "mosquito" UFOs make strafing runs, minelayer UFOs drop proximity mines, plus the ultra-nasty end-game boss the LORD OF THE CHUNKS!
  • 10 stages of increasing duration and difficulty!
  • Collect powerups for bonus points, additional torpedoes, or to upgrade your blasters to double, triple, quadruple, quintuple or even sextuple firepower!
  • Pulse pounding, hard rocking original sound track!
  • Two player simultaneous co-op play!
  • Game automatically scales to whatever your desktop resolution is, including widescreen!
  • Cheat codes!
  • Utilises the fabulous HGE graphics engine, and the awesome Bass audio engine.
HGE: Hardware Accelerated 2D Game Engine
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