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Hudson ( at 3:25am 29th Jan 10 said:
I just love this. I want to play it on my MAME machine. But the controls are not configurable, unless I missed it. PLEASE add that, or let me know how it's done. Man would we love playing tihs.
SKYLER ( at 7:04am 13th May 09 said:
Unknown ( at 11:13pm 12th Apr 09 said:
Nicely done! I'm working on my own advanced Asteroids concept in HGE. I now know the standard that to which my huge explosions must hold up to.. :)
daisy trang ( at 11:45pm 30th Jan 09 said:
hi uncle Gorge, How are you doing? I can't wait till you get to Perth. bye bye :]
Paul ( at 4:37pm 12th Aug 08 said:
sweet game! not too complex cos you're fundamentally blowing up big chunks of stuff, and not too simple cos there are lots of chunks of stuff all over the place. Good bgm too.. now it's time to make your 'Gladiator' game available to the huddled masses!
Unknown ( at 10:54am 11th Oct 07 said:
daisy ( at 12:59pm 26th Apr 07 said:
The best game I ever played! It was fun, fun, fun! Thank you uncle george
amy ( at 12:49pm 26th Apr 07 said:
It's the greatest computer game in the whole universe
James ( at 7:05am 8th Apr 07 said:
Sigh... Continued again. I'm glad I saved this in Word first. ...would require a full power cell and would completely diminish it. The benefit would be an unlimited payload of missiles. Perhaps the photon missiles could do more damage as well. If you had a base ship and 3 ship upgrades, each type of missile could require a more advanced ship. Scoop: Have a scoop on the ship that automatically collects ore and power-ups. Then you could have a scoop power-up that increases the scoop’s range and pulling power. Give power-ups and ore a hull strength instead of a timer. It’s a small change, but it adds a bit of realism. Complex ideas: Add a scrolling playfield and mini bosses that require specific tactics to defeat. If you had a scrolling playfield, you could add complexity to the ships engines. You could have thrust and maneuverability power-ups. Add missions. Have each level be a solar system with wormholes or stargates linking each system. Randomized systems with different enemies in each system. In every 5 or 10 systems, have a big boss. 25 or 50 systems in total would be awesome. Roll the game each time the player beats it. That is, let the player continue playing with the ship he or she has built, but increase the difficulty slightly. This is a game I’d pay good money to play. You seem to have the talent to pull it off too. I know these ideas are way more than you’d probably want to tackle, but a guy can dream cant he?
James ( at 7:03am 8th Apr 07 said:
Continued from below: ...components. Click on a component and choose how you want to upgrade it depending on what options the component has and how much ore you have. Different power-ups can have different costs. Perhaps certain power-ups require certain types of ore. Main Weapons: Have power-ups to increase rate-of-fire, damage, range, efficiency, and tracking (initial tracking value being zero). Tracking should probably increase slowly, but if someone wanted to invest a lot of research into tracking it should get very good. Weapon Research: Use ore to research advanced weapons. Each new weapon unlocked would have its own starting values for rate-of fire, damage, range, efficiency, and tracking. Players could research double weapons, triple weapons, Two-way firing weapons, four-way firing weapons, weapons with a small explosive radius, etc. Each weapon would be upgraded individually. The player would be able to switch out his or her weapon between levels if he or she chose to. Ship Research: Use ore to upgrade to a more powerful ship. Ship upgrades would enable the player to use power-ups to upgrade their ship further and to use more advanced weapons and missiles. For example, let’s say that the beginning ship only allows 10 power-ups of each type. Each ship upgrade would increase this value by 10. Missiles: The player shouldn’t start the game with missiles. Missiles shouldn’t even be a power-up. Missiles should be special. Honestly, I would make missiles purely research based. So for example, the missiles you have right now would be the first unlocked. Then, between levels, when research is done, the ship’s payload is restocked. The first ship could hold 10 missiles, with each ship upgrade increasing the payload by 10. Next, the player would unlock tracking missiles. Then the player could unlock photon missiles, and finally, tracking photon missiles. The power cell would power the photon missiles. Each shot woul
James ( at 7:00am 8th Apr 07 said:
This game is very well polished. You have a lot of talent. You captured the physics and feel of asteroids extremely well. Asteroids is my favorite retro genre, so I've played every halfway decent asteroids clone I've been able to find. I'm glad you're expanding the play experience, though. These days a simple clone doesn’t offer enough compelling gameplay. I have a few simple ideas, and a few more complex ideas. Simple ideas: Allow the game to be saved. Shields: Have only one ship and automatic shields that slowly replenish. You can then have power-ups for shield strength, and shield regeneration speed. They don’t have to be big bonuses. It’s creating a sense of progression that is important. For example, perhaps it takes 10 shield strength power-ups to double shield strength and 10 shield regeneration power-ups to double shield regeneration speed. Hull: Have power-ups to give your ship more hull points, durability, and nano-bots to repair hull damage (much slower than shield regeneration speed). For example, let’s say a medium sized asteroid traveling at medium speed inflicts 10 hull damage. Choose a starting hull strength based on whatever you feel is balanced. 10 power-ups double hull points, 20 triple, etc. The durability value would automatically negate that many points of hull damage. Durability would have to be a very rare power-up. Power cell: Determines power to your weapons. Each shot uses a certain amount of power depending upon weapon strength and efficiency. You can then have power-ups to increase peak power, and the rate at which power regenerates. Ore and Research: Players shouldn’t get power ups from regular asteroids, they should get ore, which can be used to build other power-ups. Power-ups should only come from enemies. Perhaps you can have different types of ore that have different values. Then between levels you can do research. You can show a picture of the ship with the different
masayume ( at 3:47am 11th Mar 07 said:
One of the best Asteroid clones around. I'd like to see ENORMOUS explosions if your ship is full of missiles. A nice touch would also be to be able to recover the ricocheting ship from exploding. Very Good !
Unknown ( at 8:55am 9th Mar 07 said:
Nice game!
Colin Hopkins ( at 6:51am 5th Mar 07 said:
AWESOME! SWEET! FANTASTIC! HOLY COW! Your game is sooooo polished and well done! Great work! The music kicks butt too! Man, if some game company out there does not snap you up then all hope for mankind is lost..... ;)
Jona ( at 4:04am 23rd Oct 06 said:
Hey I think you've created a great game. My two favorite things: the explosions and the multiplayer setup. Nice work
Tony ( at 6:34pm 3rd Jun 06 said:
Simple but engrossing. A couple of improvements I would not mind are: i. To be able to Pause the game while you answer the phone etc. ii. To be able to save the game and resume at a later stage and not lose all those missiles and canon. Note that these have not stopped me playing it though ...
Chi ( at 10:31pm 19th Apr 06 said:
Another great game from the archives. I think a significant generation jump from 'BLAST' (tm). Though I did get a bit annoyed when your ship regenerated on-top off or right next to a 'space chuck' tm and you get plastered before you can move. All you need now are alien when capture you ship and you can rescue it to get two ship....Where did I get that idea from :)
Tim ( at 1:24pm 18th Apr 06 said:
Easily the best game I've played in the last hour!